MCSL Data Center

I present to you my home data center.

Many of the servers in the rack are kinda old, many of them over 10 years old. A skill I have developed as a result is getting modern things running on old equipment. When I say old, 5 of the machines I own are PIII based. And so far, I have been able to do everything I have wanted to do with the servers I have. They may not be of blazing speed, but I can assure you its heat output is kinda blazing at times.

The server rack itself I bought used on Craigslist for $40. The rack was originally used to house equipment for the Alta Vista search engine.

Because I bought many of the servers used, many of them did not come with mounting rails. The ones that did were often too big to be attached to rack. Server racks from the 90's aren't very deep.

Instead, I created my own mounting system. I found some "L" brackets at the hardware store that seem suitable for supporting heavy servers. Other things are on top of wooden shelves supported through metal dipoles that fit perfectly through the holes in the rack. Much cheaper than buying rails for each server. The only downside is I have to pull out each server to preform maintenance on it, and some of them are upwards of 100 pounds.

If you would like to read more about the specifics of the setup: